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A 90 minute neo-tribal opera in 10 movements


released December 21, 2014

The Azrail Noir - vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, erhu, Antikythera flute, drone bells, spirit conjurations, sound manipulation

Ghostscape - vocals (tracks 1 & 3)

Neo-Ipsissimus - vocals (tracks 3, 5, & 10), bats, arachnodroids

Freiyerva - vocals [via Azrail Noir] (track 8)

thee Superterrestrial Youth [in order ov appearance]:

Amanda Ferrer - choir vocals (tracks 1, 3, 7, 9, & 10)

Tommy Johnson - choir vocals (tracks 1, 3, 7, 9, & 10)

Katelynn Sirilan - choir vocals (tracks 1, 3, 7, 9, & 10)

Nick Martinez - electric guitar (tracks 1 & 10), djembe

Eric Holsten - trombone (tracks 2 & 5), accordion, electric guitar (tracks 8 & 9), vocals (track 10)

Nicky Fechtmuller - electric guitar (tracks 2 & 8)

Alex Edelstein - theremin, trombone (track 8), harmonica

Sophie Leetmaa - electric harp, bowed zither, drone zither

mixed by Eric Holsten and Azrail Noir



Track Name: thee Apex ov Semant'qhogya
[Azrail Noir & Ghostscape]
Eradicate the venom that remains
now that we can view a color not seen before
Lining the stratosphere
Potency in the fields
Aligning animus embraces anima

Cycles of resource
Egalitarian bliss
A debt forgotten
An insipid fallacy

[Azrail Noir]
This land no longer palpitating between dark and light sides
as there is no distinction, no whole without dual integration
The spirits of the seven sons spread indigo omens
I refine the transformative DNA from the warrior you know as Ghostscape
Transcend, fellow Semant'qhogyans
It is our duty as future ancestors

[Thee Superterrestrial Youth]
The pantheon of our creations ripple throughout the dark and
perpetuate the apex of Semant'qhogya
Track Name: Orbweavers
[Azrail Noir]
Sin and cos are switching axis coordinates
Lucid infestations from the caverns of the fabled Jukai
A prophecy in the omen throne stage with octafibers and varicose legs
Prediction passes through its targets
The fabled Jukai
Track Name: Ghostscape Vs. thee Vampyre, Neo-Ipsissimus
[Neo-Ipsissimus & (Azrail Noir)]
(Your havoc from this seed appears like molten sand)
(A Muldhadarian ocean)
(Devouring the animated flesh can stop in its glass vain)

[Ghostscape & (Neo-Ipsissimus)]
To promise morbid purification of magickal mind to bow to paper
We won't exalt your fangs
To drink the blood and steal the nourishment of the psyche
We won't exalt your fangs
To have your vicious beasts follow a protocol to occupy
We won't exalt your fangs
To proceed to feast upon the denizens of Semant'qhogya
We won't exalt your fangs
Don't make me sever those fangs

[Thee Superterrestrial Youth & (Neo-Ipsissimus)]
The checkerboard
(join the Vampyrean resistance)
(or you'll be cattle to feed us)
of our nature
(join the Vampyrean resistance)
is pushed down to
(or you'll be cattle to feed us)
a shrouded game
(join the Vampyrean resistance)
We let it pass
(or you'll be cattle to feed us)
pass to transcend
(join the Vampyrean resistance)
(or you'll be cattle to feed us)
Track Name: Mycelium Network Jam
[Azrail Noir]
What's to become of a land that's lost its vigilante?
a sage who taught me his final lesson
Stacked quadrilateral intersected Litaha'un twine in their own roots
Unmask the phantom
This is the era of illness
allowing the ravenous Neo-Ipsissimus to proclaim emperor status
Deliberate plates of rose quartz placed on all three eyes
The monochrome sand from his chassis
I take it and sprinkle it over the holy mushroom patch to immortalize the genome
Track Name: Waxing Hexacrescent Jam
The manifestation of an alchemical triangle paints the hero that lays down for the last time
this line of code protrudes into this realm
Worthy as a metademiurge
Dogmatic inflation vanquished pragmatic sublimation
Converted to pure black carbon
Ceremonially presented the acid that dissolves the Aswang police
The radio she tuned made the most primordial sounds that contorted the grandfather clock
Doubt is the one obstacle in the path of the young beyond this terra
Six in a row on a holographic manifold
Digits with dual sides are morphogenetic composites
Ulver goddess followed a negative 10,000 decibel symphony cacophony over the gate
The world grew back its talons and began another gnosis
A doubled maiden, mother, and crone illuminate the grove in Horus formation
Track Name: thee Superterrestrial Youth
[Thee Superterrestrial Youth]
Channeling the monolithic grids
unscathed by berserkers preceding us
We are the archetypes of this
robust magick invention
Track Name: Invocation ov thee Warrior Guru
[Azrail Noir]
Inch by inch on the incline of Mount Ghalomaung
The 12th incarnation of the deity of wolves resides
atmosphere levels above and aeons into the present
A matron spirit for our once and future mycelium healer
Freiyerva, how does one summon this Kavipsa star's black hole generations?
Black hole obsidian?

[Azrail Noir & Freiyerva]
What glitches are in the system?
Track Name: Aethyr Jam
[Thee Superterrestrial Youth]
Track Name: Void ov thee Kavipsa Star
[Azrail Noir]
Is it sacrilege to deicide a permafrost virus?
Ones who encase the heads in stone
and pump dark energetic formaldehyde into the veins sublingually
Of the light, within the light
I stand with superterrestrial necroberserkers
The crone has sanctioned you as a drifter, as a prisoner
You had a choice to sheath all blades, but the duel begins
We hail from active ruins
still with a steadied mudra overtone, yet with spinal cords intertwined with the tail of a scorpion
In the coming of the 6 moons
I cast you down, into the depths, down into the anti-matter terminal stellar
and retraction into obsidian limestone
And he is fused with its minerals
Siphoned and fused into the minerals

[Thee Superterrestrial Youth]
We understand and put forth the marrow of the primal expressive Kavipsa star, the Kavipsa star
What of this progression that begins to lead us out of disorder, Kavipsa star? The Kavipsa star